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Expert-Approved OES Analyzers for Metallurgical Testing from Metal Analysis Group


We specialize in metallurgical and failure analysis investigations for both metallic and non-metallic products and components across various industries, including aerospace, construction, transportation, consumer products, defense, and medical devices. Our experts assist clients with materials selection, product improvement, and resolving quality issues related to materials. From routine metallurgical testing to complex materials consulting, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality in metallurgical evaluations.

A metallurgical failure analysis provides valuable insights into the causes of metal failures, helping to prevent future occurrences and aiding in legal dispute resolutions. Our experienced metallurgists are adept at solving even the most challenging metallurgical cases. Common metal failure mechanisms include fatigue, corrosion, ductile fracture, brittle fracture, hydrogen embrittlement, metal creep, and stress corrosion cracking. A comprehensive failure analysis identifies which of these mechanisms, or combinations thereof, contributed to the failure.

Our process begins with documenting the failure using our photography studio and stereo microscopy facilities. Lab technicians then cross-section or etch selected samples for further analysis by our metallurgists. Detailed examination of the failure using optical and scanning electron microscopes provides insights into the failure mode. If necessary, we utilize our NDT, FTIR, or mechanical testing facilities for additional investigation.

Contact an expert today to determine the root cause of your material failure and find effective solutions to your material challenges.