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Expert-Approved LIBS Analyzers for Beryllium in Copper from Metal Analysis Group



Beryllium copper is utilized across diverse industries for its favorable properties, yet identifying it amidst other alloys and metals can pose a challenge due to its composition. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) has emerged as the preferred method for accurate analysis in such cases, surpassing X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) in reliability and precision.

LIBS involves analyzing a sample's emission spectra generated by a laser pulse, comparing it to a database to identify beryllium copper accurately. This technique offers superior accuracy and efficiency, capable of distinguishing beryllium copper from other materials within seconds without physical contact.

In contrast, XRF may not effectively identify beryllium copper due to its low atomic number, rendering it less suitable for accurate analysis of light elements. LIBS' non-destructive and contactless nature, coupled with its ability to detect low atomic number elements, makes it an ideal choice for sorting materials like beryllium copper.

Advancements like the Oxford Instruments mPulse LIBS analyzer further enhance the capability to identify beryllium copper variants like CS17200 and CS17300. LIBS' speed, accuracy, and non-destructive nature make it indispensable for industries requiring precise material sorting, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Overall, LIBS stands out as the optimal solution for identifying beryllium copper and similar materials, offering unmatched accuracy and convenience.