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Expert-Approved OES Analyzers for Nitrogen in Steel from Metal Analysis Group


Importance of Nitrogen Analysis

Accurate nitrogen analysis is critical for ensuring the safety and quality of iron and steel products. Excess nitrogen can lead to dangerous inconsistencies in mechanical properties and surface defects. The FM EXPERT, developed by Hitachi High-Tech, addresses the need for precise nitrogen analysis at low detection limits. It offers a lower detection limit of 30 ppm and provides a high analytical performance-to-price ratio, making it an ideal choice for foundries looking to improve cost efficiency.

The FM EXPERT features:

  • Optimized argon flow management
  • Spectral range transparency, including deep UV
  • A new plasma view angle for enhanced analytical performance

By offering affordable and accurate nitrogen analysis, the FM EXPERT supports foundries in maintaining high standards of safety and quality while reducing operational costs. This innovation exemplifies Hitachi High-Tech’s commitment to providing cutting-edge analysis solutions that add value to their operations.