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Expert-Approved XRF Analyzers for Geochem from Metal Analysis Group


Revolutionizing Field Geochemical Analysis with Advanced Handheld Analyzers

In the realm of mining and geological exploration, access to accurate, real-time elemental data is paramount for informed decision-making. Enter the world of advanced handheld analyzers, where technologies like X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) are transforming traditional field analysis methodologies. Let's delve into the innovative capabilities of these cutting-edge instruments and how they're reshaping the landscape of geochemical analysis.

Enhanced Precision with Handheld Analyzers

Metal Analysis Group a leader in handheld analytical solutions, offers a range of state-of-the-art devices tailored to meet the diverse needs of field geologists and mining professionals. Expert Approved XRF analyzers from Metal Analysis Group stand out as the smallest, fastest, and most precise handheld devices available. Equipped with powerful X-ray tubes and optimized for rare earth elements, these analyzers deliver unparalleled performance in analyzing transition and heavy metals.

Empowering Decision-Making with Instruments

Instruments are designed to streamline field operations and facilitate rapid, informed decision-making. Built on the Android operating system, these devices offer the familiarity of smartphone-based software, ensuring ease of use for operators of all skill levels. Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilities enable seamless data transfer and real-time reporting, empowering users to make critical decisions on the spot.

Unlocking New Frontiers in Geochemical Analysis

The Z-901 Li and Z-903 analyzers represent groundbreaking advancements in handheld analytical technology. The Z-901 Li stands as the world's only handheld analyzer capable of measuring lithium in rocks, ores, and powders, providing instant, in-field analysis for geologists and mining professionals.

Meanwhile, the Z-903 offers flagship geochemistry capabilities, providing full elemental coverage from H to U. With spectrometers spanning 190 – 950 nm, this analyzer can measure low atomic number elements that X-ray technology can't, including beryllium, boron, carbon, fluorine, and sodium, along with transition and heavy metals.

Empowering Field Exploration with Decision-Quality Data

Metal Analysis Group handheld XRF analyzers complement providing immediate elemental measurements for a range of mining and geochemical applications. From greenfield exploration to environmental monitoring, these analyzers offer flexibility across the entire mineral resource cycle. With integrated GPS, wireless connectivity, and onboard spectra viewing, these analyzers enable rapid, accurate decision-making, maximizing exploration budgets and advancing project timelines.


In conclusion, handheld analyzers represents a paradigm shift in field geochemical analysis. By combining advanced technologies with user-friendly design, these instruments empower field geologists, mining professionals, and environmental scientists to unlock new frontiers and make informed decisions with confidence. As the mining and exploration industry continues to evolve, the role of handheld analyzers will only grow, driving efficiency, productivity, and innovation in field operations.